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Assessment of the Hydrological and Hydrochemical interaction between the main aquifers in southern Kuwait,


KISR Report

Progress Report No.2

Contributor(s):  Hadi, Khalid.

Subject(s):  WAter quality ,  WAter quality ,  Hydrochemical interaction ,  Hydrochemical interaction ,  Hydrology ,  Hydrology ,  Dammam Formation. ,  Kuwait group. ,  Groundwater Quality. ,  Aquifer Potentiometry. ,  Tracer tests.

Project(s):  Assessment of the Hydrological and Hydrochemical Interaction between the Main Aquifers in Southern Kuwait

Project code:  WM 033C

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Technical assistance to the monitoring and assessment of the environmental damage to the groundwater resources of Kuwait


KISR Report

Progress Report No.3

Contributor(s):  Mukhopadhyay, A.

Subject(s):  Brackish groundwater. ,  Fresh groundwater. ,  Aquifers. ,  Hydrocarbon contamination. ,  Drilling. ,  Monitoring wells.

Project(s):  Technical Assistance to the Monitoring and Assessment of the Environmental Damage to the Groundwater Resources of Kuwait

Project code:  WM 004C

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Investigation of plate heat exchanger applications in multiple effect distillation :


KISR Report

Progress Report No. 1

Contributor(s):  Al-Nuwaibit, Ghada.

Subject(s):  Water desalination ,  Water desalination ,  Modeling ,  Modeling ,  Modeling. ,  Testing. ,  Evaporation. ,  Heat Transfer Coefficient. ,  Fouling. ,  Overdesign. ,  Distillation. ,  نمذجة رياضية. ,  اختبارات. ,  اتساخ. ,  معامل الأنتقال الحرارى. ,  زيادة التصميم. ,  تقطير المياه.

Project(s):  Investigation of Plate Heat Exchanger Applications in Multiple Effect Distillation: A Bench Scale Study

Project code:  WT 029C

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